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Lithium Batteries

DUET POWER in partnership with leading manufacturer of lithium battery packs for all applications, and our packs are customized as per the customer requirement or application. We manufacture lithium battery packs using top quality LFP cylindrical, LFP Prismatic, NMC cylindrical, LiPo cells, and integrate our proprietary BMS and Thermal Management technology solutions to deliver top quality & cost-effective products.

We Provide
EV Battery Packs
EV Car/Bus Battery Packs
Telecom/Storage Module
Modular Storage Batteries
Traction Battery Pack
Solar Street light
Why Lithium Batteries

We are Truly one of a kind Li-Battery Manufacurers in India. Not only do we Provide a wide range of Li-Battery packs for all kinds of Applications, but also a Patented BMS(Battery Management Solution) that is Developed by our own Engineers. Whatever is your Requirement for the BMS or Li-Battery pack we can customize the Perfect Solution for you.

Our Li-Battery packs offer the best Quality and Reliability for any Application like Electric Vehicles, Solar Lightning, Medical Storage, Industrial Applications and all Energy Storage.

These Batteries are packed with our Unmatched BMS Technology and we are truly the Best Li-Battery Manufacurer for all your needs.

As India's First and only Integrated manufacturing company that manufactures own Li-Battery packs and controllers under a single roof we offer Quality, Service & Warrenty that no Other Battery Manufacurer In India can offer.

How Lithium is Better
Specifications Lithium Lead Acid Ni-Cd
Specific Energy Density (Wh/kg) 90-120 30-50 45-80
Internal Resistance (mQ/V) 7.6-15.0 <8.3 17-33
Cycle Life (80% discharge) >2500 200-300 1000
Fast Charge Time (hrs) 1 or less 8-16 4-5
Overcharge Tolerance Low High Moderate
Self discharge/month (room temp) <5% 5-15% 20%
Cell Voltage 3.2 2.0 1.2
Maintenance requirement None Cleaning and Top-Up 30-60 days, Discharge-1year Cleaning and Top-Up 30-60 days, Discharge-2year
Safety Requirement BMS required Thermally Stable Thermally Stable but Fuses common
Toxicity Low High High
Maintenance Cost (per 3year) 7000/- INR approx 112,500/- INR approx 54,600/- INR approx
EV Battery Packs

Electric Vehicle Lithium Batteries

Electric vehicles are becoming increasing more popular and visible in all countries, due to significant investment in EV manufacturing, favorable government regulations/mandates, and EV batteries that are technologically advanced. As a result, consumers are more comfortable, and many governments are mandating the shift from the ICE vehicles to EV vehicles. A significant challenge in the EV is the battery system, particularly manufacturing and managing the battery pack system. Currently the most popular cell technology is the lithium battery cell, and the ongoing investment in this technology will continue to make it the standard cell technology for EV battery systems.

Duet Power Energy’s portfolio includes EV battery packs for all models of electric vehicles with custom voltages, including 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V & 72v.

We Provide
2-wheeler Lithium Battery

INNOLIA ENERGY has proven battery packs for two-wheeler vehicle segment with a wide range of batteries, both in LFP and NMC. Our wide portfolio of two wheeler packs are adapted for different environmental and road conditions.

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3-wheeler Lithium Battery

INNOLIA’s E-Rickshaw/E Auto Batteries are Deep Cycle batteries which combines its unique battery technology, and proprietary management technology adapted for the Indian market, performing well under hot climatic situation.

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4-wheeler Lithium Battery

INNOLIA’s technology portfolio is well suited for this car batteries and our collaboration with other equally committed and strong partners – enable us to offer customized solutions for all the four wheeler battery pack applications.

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  • Higher Charge and Battery Life
  • Quick Charging
  • Long Cyclic Life
  • Light Weight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Vibration Resistant
  • CAN communication for monitorig
  • Cell Voltage Monitors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Built-in automatic protection for
    • Over Charge voltage/current
    • Over Discharge voltage/current
    • Short Circuit
    • Over/Under temperature
  • Active Cell Balancing
  • Temperature Cooling
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