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Solar Services

Residential Service

Duet Power has been a pioneer of rooftop solar in India and has been serving the residential segment since its inception in 2007. We have provided close to 500+ solar systems for residential customers in India.Solar is a long term cost-effective alternative to conventional source of electricity.The systems can either be used for running household appliance and reducing the electricity bill or the solar electricity generated, can be feed to the local grid for PPA. moreover, Cost of electricity for lighting common spaces like stairways, open areas, lifts, water pumps can be significantly reduced by going solar.

Residential Services

On Grid Solar Plant

The advantage of on-grid solar system is awesome, if you are not using electricity at your home, the power generated from solar system will be fed back to the grid. The state government will give you money for sending electricity to gird.On-grid solar is preferred by masses as it provides an additional advantage to earn from your solar system. People can install an on-grid solar systems and enjoy the benefit of net metering policies to avail a credit in their electricity bills.

Benefits of On Grid Solar System :
  1. 1. Lower Payback time
  2. 2. Easy to install
  3. 3. Less Maintenance
  4. 4. Less Costly
  5. 5. Subsidies and Other Incentives

Off Grid Solar Plant

An off-grid solar system is more popular and comes with a power backup. It works independent of the grid. Most home appliances such as Fans, TV, Cooler, AC, Water Pump etc. can work through this system. For instance, a 1 kW off grid solar system is sufficient for a 2-4 BHK house. But if you also want to run 1HP Water Pump in your home you could use a 3 kW off grid solar system. If you are planning to run an AC then you should use a 5 kW system so, it basically depends on the usage.

Benefits of Off Grid Solar System :
  1. 1. Avoid Power Outages
  2. 2. Reduced Electricity Sites
  3. 3. Easy Alternative for Rural Areas
  4. 4. Keeping The Environment Clean and Green
  5. 5. Easy Installation
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