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Grid power in Indian subcontinent frequently suffers from voltage &/or frequency variations , Grid outages, voltage sag/ surges which inhibits users from enjoying benefits of solar grid tied systems. Duet Power has evolved to overcome the limitations and give maximum possible yield to its users using advanced control and monitoring features.
Our product range aims to deliver roof top requirement for commercial, Individual and utility scale solar plant requirements with 3 Phase grid export + battery backup features.
Duet Power range of products are ideal for projects ranging from 1KWp to 15KWp array installations-1Phase applications and our products are packaged with optional data monitoring software & wireless based monitoring feature provides the perfect solution for power plant management at a large scale.

Key Features
  • Vector Modulated Inverter Control
  • Battery Less operation compatible
  • Intelligently gives the priority to solar power & takes the balance from Mains
  • MPPT Based Solar Charger -2 modes of operations
  • Power Saving feature to bypass charging from grid to save on electricity bills
  • Real time divides the day in 4 time slots for optimum solar power utilization
  • Higher Capacity PV connection option available
  • Solar Power is an optional feature, so it can be used as a conventional Inverter
  • Smart Overload, Short circuit sensing and protection circuits with auto retry
  • Provision for setting critical parameters
  • Independent of grid,Grid is not mandatory
  • Instant Changeover to support computers, servers & sensitive loads

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