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Solar Inverter

Offgrid Inverter

Duet Power specializes in providing the best solar products including complete Off Grid Solar System. Our off grid system combines the capabilities of photovoltaic panels and solar batteries to remove the electrical grid component entirely from your system. The Grid system is nothing but just a composition of several solar components including solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery and our off grid solar definitely leads you to great savings, while protecting the environment. Our performance and manufacturing excellence is powered by some of the world’s most advanced technologies and can easily be executed on rooftops or even at grounds.

Key Features
  • Interactive LCD display for user friendly Interface.
  • IP 66 enclosure – ready for all environmental conditions.
  • Self diagnostics, it can guide the user for cause and solution of any misbehavior.
  • Intelligently gives the priority to solar power & takes the balance from Mains
  • Simultaneously Charge batteries by Solar and Grid
  • On Gird/ Gird Tied inverter for Saving electricity bill by selling access generation of Solar Power to Power distribution Company through Net metering system
  • Power Saving feature to bypass charging from grid to save on electricity bills
  • Real time divides the day in 4 time slots for optimum solar power utilization
  • PWM/MPPT built-in Solar Charge controllers
  • Solar Power is an optional feature, so it can be used as a conventional Inverter
  • Smart Overload, Short circuit sensing and protection circuits with auto retry
  • Provision for setting critical parameters
  • Instant Changeover to support computers, servers & sensitive loads

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